May 20, 2022

For football fans, there is nothing like the day after the Super Bowl because we all know that there is no more football for the rest of the winter, spring and summer.  It can seem like such a long offseason that any grain of news, re-signings and free agency is read over and posted on social networking sites.  Football fans all over the world wait with baited breath for the college draft that occurs every April to see who is chosen for their team.  This is the official kick off of the football season because after the draft, all the camps start happening then it’s the preseason.

One way to kick off football season is to throw a draft party for all of your fellow fans.  The draft normally starts at 8pm eastern time so plan your party for an hour beforehand on your own time zone.  This gives you the chance to get everyone seated, with their food and drinks before the draft starts running.

You can do a different appetizer or drink between each round of the draft to change it up a bit and to add more fun to the party.  Since it takes time between each draft pick and then the celebration after the pick is made, you have plenty of time to bring out new snacks and drinks.  Your guests  ยูฟ่าเบท will love your creativity and you can ensure that your party is remembered for a long time.

As an alternative, you can throw a tailgate party as your draft party to get the feel of tailgating at a football game.  Have all of your friends meet you at the local park and set up your vehicles like you would at a game.  Make sure to either bring a satellite dish and television so you can watch the draft or have a radio with a sports talk radio show that is broadcasting the draft on.

The football offseason does not have to be a bad thing when you can still get together for a draft party before the preseason shenanigans begin.  This gives you an opportunity to see your football friends before the season starts.  Keeping in touch is great and getting to talk football again makes the party even more special.

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